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Auburn Landscaping Service

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Auburn Landscaping Service

Your yard is an extension of your home and as such, is an extension of you. Auburn Landscaping design is an art, where multiple elements must come together to create a unified whole. Once the project is complete, a Tacoma landscaper must maintain those elements so the entirety of the design remains coherent.

Federal Way Landsacape Co Landscaping and Design is a full service Auburn Landscaping Company offering everything from design services to lawn mowing, and everything in between. Your qualified GPAK Auburn landscaper will transform your ideas into a reality, while making your landscape the envy of your neighbors.

Our Auburn Services Include:

  • Hardscapes - Pavers, Pathways, Patio Extentions
  • Landscaping - Design, Construction, Maintenance
  • Lawns - Edging, Fertilizing, Mowing, Sod, Overseeding, Thatching
  • Preasure Washing - Driveways, Homes, Sidewalks, Walkways
  • Pruning - Shaping & Sculpturing, Topiary, Trimming
  • Retaining Walls - Brick, Block, Rock Walls
  • Spray Service - Moss, Weeds, Plant & Tree Pest Control
  • Spreading - Bark, Gravel
  • Yard Services - Black Berry Removal, Fall Clean Up, Gutter Cleaning

Auburn Landscaping Service Experts

Transforming an outdoor space into something truly magnificent starts with help from a professional landscaper with regional experience. This is important because landscaping in the Pacific Northwest is far different than anywhere else in the country. Your landscaping design must reflect the advantages and limitations that a place like Auburn and the surrounding region offers, if it is to be successful.

Do you need a Auburn landscaper to bring your ideas to life? Are you looking for a Auburn landscaping company that you can trust to keep your yard looking great? Do you need some specialized landscaping care? Call us today at (206) 854-2775 for all of your Auburn landscaping needs.

Auburn Landscaping DesignAuburn Landscaping Construction
Auburn Landscaping MaintenanceAuburn Specialized Landscaping
Auburn Landscaping Maintenance
Auburn Landscaping Design

Auburn, WA Tidbits

The community of Auburn, Washington was the home of some of the earliest white settlers in King County. Auburn is located 20 miles south of Seattle and situated in a rich river valley. This community has been both center of industry and business as well as a farm community for over 150 years. Auburn is located close to the original confluence of the White and Green Rivers, both of which contain runoff water from the range of the Cascade Mountains. Originally, the valley was the home of the Stkamish, Smalhkamish, and the Skopamish tribes of Indians. During the 1830's the first white men in the area were traders and explorers.

During the 1850's, the first settlers arrived in the valley. Nine people, including women and children were killed by an Indian ambush in 1855. In late 1850, a Lieutenant named William Slaughter led a unit of military men and camped close to the present day Auburn. A bunch of Indians attacked, which killed the Lieutenant as well as two other men in 1855.

The Muckleshoot reservation was established as the result of a new treaty. Currently, this is the only Indian reservation within the boundaries of King County. The Muckleshoot tribe collectively absorbed the White River tribes.

In 1891, white settlers named the Ballard and the Neely families started returning to the region. The year 1891 brought the incorporation of Slaughter as a town. Many of the newer residents were rather dissatisfied with the name, while many older residents believed the name of the new town to be nothing more than memorabilia. The community of Slaughter was renamed to Auburn within the first two years. Up until 1890, when the crops were being destroyed by aphids, Auburn had been a thriving center for hop farming. Following this period of time, the farms were mainly berry and dairy farms. However, until 1962, when the Howard Hanson Dam was erected, local farmers in Auburn still had a problem with flooding. In addition to the Mud Mountain Dam, that was located on the White River, the dam that was located on the Green River offered controlled river management, which left the valley almost free of floods.

The railroad was another stimulus for the growth of Auburn. In 1883, the Northern Pacific Railroad ran a railroad line through the community. However, beginning 1n 1902, the Seattle/Tacoma Interurban line permitted easy access to both Seattle and Tacoma. The Interurban permitted the farmers in the area to provide their product to the marketplace within hours following the harvest. There were many different new companies that opened shop in the region as the result of better roads and the railroad. Two of these new companies were the Northern Clay Company and the Borden Condensed Company known as the Borden Condensery.

Much the same as many communities in America, all throughout the 20th century auburn grew and expanded. Although the later Great Depression during the 1930's resulted in many being in need, the residents of Auburn prospered during the 1920's. A great hardship was brought to numerous local Japanese farmers during WW II when they had their land taken from them and were relocated to internment camps. Many of the local boys were off to fight in the Pacific during this same time period, and some died in battle.

A community was established in Auburn as well as many more businesses during the postwar era. A large plant that was used to mill the sheet metal skin for jet airliners was constructed by the Boeing Company in 1963. However, numerous farms vanished and the land was being converted for use by large industries as the time went by. A very super shopping center was constructed in the valley during the 1990's. This new super shopping center attracted shoppers from all around the Puget Sound area.

Although much if the history of the community remains the same, Auburn has been transitioned to large industries from small farms. Erected in 1918, a monument in the memory of Lieutenant Slaughter is still standing in a local park. Constructed by the son of an early settler in 1891, the Neely Mansion is listed on the national Register of Historic Places after being renovated. The downtown of Auburn still has the appearance of Main Street USA.

Along with many different specialty shops, such as jewelry and antique shops, the historic downtown area also offers historic architecture. As the result of the frequent events and many different shopping opportunities, it is a popular destination for residents. There is also a most modern hospital in the downtown area.

Auburn is also home to a thoroughbred racetrack called Emerald Downs, for those who enjoy horse racing. On this beautifully situated racetrack, some of the best racehorses in the Pacific Northwest challenge each other. Tourists are treated to a beautiful view of Mount Rainer while they are watching the horses gallop around the racetrack.

Auburn Landscaping Service • Auburn Landscaping Service Service Experts

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