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Tacoma Paver Contractor

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Hardscapes refer to the hard features, or nonliving elements, of the landscape. This can include anything from edging to decks to walkways.

Tacoma Hardscape Garden Design

Depending on the style of your home and surrounding landscape, hardscapes can come in all different sizes and shapes. Textural variety is important and should be very carefully considered. Using only one variety can make a landscape appear boring and uninspired. On the other hand, using too many hardscapes can clutter up your landscape and make everything look messy.

What is the solution when thinking about hardscape designs? That's where we come in. We make sure there is a good balance. Generally, it's best to choose two or three textures or hardscape materials. We will look for a solution that is visually appealing while also complementing the exterior of your home. Our experienced landscapers will keep in mind the general color scheme. While designing the hardscape elements, we also take into consideration the drainage patterns of the landscaping. We carefully plan everything out so that hardscape gardening features improve the overall appearance of your home landscape, not take away from it.

What Is Landscape Edging?

Think about a yard or garden that is divided neatly into different sections. Now picture these sections colliding into one another without a clear sense of boundary. The whole thing looks messy and sloppy. Landscape edging takes care of this problem. Landscape edging uses a host of hardscape materials - stone, brick, wood, gravel, pavers - to clearly mark these areas and create clean lines that make the sections look like different parts of a unified whole. Practical purposes are also served with landscape edging when done right, guiding people toward spots intended for foot traffic and protecting delicate flowers, plants, and other landscaping elements.

We select edging materials that perfectly beautify the landscape. Our landscapers ensure that a sense of harmony is achieved within your landscape. We use the highest-quality materials to make sure that we provide results that last for years. Edging materials are firmly set in place so that you don't have to stress out about it becoming dislodged, leading to a sloppy look to your beautiful landscape. We are all about quality and a commitment to excellence.

Common Hardscape Features

There are many types of hardscaping features to choose from, including patios, decks, and driveways. Pathways and walkways are very common elements of a landscape. Our crew is experienced with using hardscape materials to construct these features. These materials include bricks, pavers, woodchips, flagstones, etc. There are also more hardscaping features to consider, such as wooden steps, stone steps, and various types of materials used for edging included within the hardscape garden design. Other common hardscape features such as retaining walls consisting of rocks, concrete blocks, and railroad ties are also familiar territory for our experienced crews. Call us today for a free estimate on your next project!

Additional Hardscaping Ideas

Consider the overall purpose of each hardscape feature along with your current style or theme. When choosing hardscape features for the home, different parts of the landscape may need different hardscape elements based on their purpose. For example, play areas will benefit from using shredded tires. These are soft enough for kids to play on and come in a variety of different colors and styles. Entertainment or dining spaces might need a deck or a patio that is level enough to house chairs and a table.

Other hardscaping features we help you to consider include different backdrops and accesories. These are important design features as well. For example, a bland garden would be spruced up by adding a nice bench or other comfortable seating.

Ornaments, statues, and fountains are also great ideas that can also be added as hardscape elements. Backdrops, such as fences, can also be included in your design. Fences can give your landscape a different look, hide undesirable spots, or be a perfect spot to grow vines.

Tacoma Paver Contractor Experts

When designing a landscape for a yard, walkways often get overlooked. We worry about plants, fences, and flower bed arrangements, but we sometimes forget how the paths will connect to each other. A landscape's connections and transitions are paramount to achieving a good flow and balance. The walkway is what ties everything together.

Walkways can also be used to create an atmosphere or a mood. The first thing you will want to decide is whether you want to create an informal or a formal setting. Then you will need to make various important decisions regarding dimensions, shape, and materials. These things can range from very simple gravel to stamped concrete. Other factors to think about include the budget, the desired amount of traffic flow, and safety concerns. Call today for a free estimate and get the landscape of your dreams started today!

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